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How To Create A Booklet Using Xerox Printer?

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Undoubtedly, the dependency of humans on printers is increasing at a very fast pace and why it should not be? the printers had colors to our lives, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that without printers it’s not possible to read books and newspaper or any other paper document with the same ease as it is today. They had given a new meaning to memory, as you can shoot and print your photos and embrace those magical moments of your lives.

Xerox Support is one of the leading vendors of printers, being the oldest in this firm it knows what kind of drivers and software should be installed so that you have long-term hassle free experience. You can also create a booklet with the Xerox professional printers, to know the complete procedure

 check the below steps or you can also assist yourself at Xerox Support.

  • Load the originals face-up in the Duplex Automatic Document Feeder.
  • To open the “All Services” screen, open the Control Panel and click on “All Services”.
  • Select the “Copy” button on the touch screen and select the “Output Format” tab and then “Booklet Creation”, a new window will open.

Select one of the following options:

  • To unable Booklet creation select “OFF”.
  • Select “Left Bind / Top Bind” to enable copies of left binding (book) or top binding (calendar).
  • To make a book that reads from left right to left select “Right Bind”.
  • “Copy Booklet” Outputs the copies of scanned documents as they are by specifying Folding / Stapling when copying without specifying Booklet Imposition.

If you have selected Left Bind / Top Bind, Right Bind, or Copy Booklet follow:

  • You can also attach a cover to Booklet in “Covers” option.
  • “Blank Cover” option will add a blank sheet of paper as the cover.
  • If you want to print first paper of Book as the cover and remaining pages become the body of the booklet, select “Printed Covers-2 sided”
  • “Printed Covers – Print Outside” adds first and the last page of the booklet is printed as cover.
  • Set a gutter value for the center of the Booklet with the help of options available on the right side of the touch screen.
  • Click “Save” to return to the Basic Copy screen and program your job as required.
  • Press “Start” button on the Control Panel to begin scanning your originals.

This is a complete set of detailed instruction to create a booklet still if you find some difficulty in your job you can just make a call on Xerox Printer Support Number:+64-48879116 a team of professionally trained expert will assist you to remove the minimal problem.

Source: How To Create A Booklet Using Xerox Printer?


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