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How To Replace The Waste Cartridge In A Xerox Phaser 7400?

November 10 2016 , Written by Maria Schultz Published on #Xerox printer helpline nz, #contact Xerox printer support nz, #Xerox printer Support, #Xerox printer Tech support NZ

Most of people used the waste cartridge to the Xerox. There are some ink cartridges that are existing in Xerox printer and copier machines. These containers must be replacing rarely to keep the printer working efficiently. You do not need to be worried about how to replace it as our tech support experts provides you few instructions to do this task. You can also get any type of technical assistance from Xerox Printer Support New Zealand

Step1- Select the plastic cover surrounding the control panel on the front of your Xerox Phase 7400 through pulling on any side of the cover so that it swings down and away from the printer. The long, black waste toner cartridge becomes easy to get to and must be removed before installing a new cartridge.

Step2- Now Press down and hold the orange release tab located on the top right side of the used waste toner cartridge to open the cartridge from the printer. And holding the orange release tab, draw the used waste cartridge down and away from the printer, and remove it by lifting it out of your printer.

Step3- the small, white plastic piece near the orange release tab. Place that piece over the hole on the used waste toner cartridge to prevent any waste toner from escaping from the cartridge.

Step4- Align your new waste toner cartridge with the empty space created by removing the used cartridge. Place the bottom of the new cartridge in the printer. Push the top of the cartridge into the printer until it locks into place

Step5- Close the front plastic cover by swinging it up and toward the printer until it snaps into place.

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